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Rope Drum Hoist for Radial gate and Intake Gate

clay brick making machine

Hoists are fixed type equipments and used for lifting the loads (Gates). Electrically operated Overhead Traveling (E.O.T.) cranes are used for lifting and moving the load (Gates) from one place to another. Wire rope operated hoists are used for Lifting Radial Gates, Barrage Gates, and Intake Gates. Generally E.O.T. Cranes are used for Lifting and moving Emergency Gates, Trash Rack Panels and also used in pump houses. Wire rope operated Hoists or Cranes are used when a positive thrust is not required.

Hoists commonly used with vertical gates can broadly be divided into two types namely rope drum hoists and screw hoists.  Rope drum hoists are suitable only for gates that would close under their own weight, with sufficient force to effectively press the bottom seal to prevent leakage. This restricts their use to the fixed wheel gates only as pad friction in slide gates is rather high and the gates usually do not close under their own weight.

These Hoisting units mainly consist of

  • Drive Unit Assembly includes Electric Motor, Gear Box, and E.M. Brake etc.

  • Gear Train Assembly.

  • Wire Rope Drums.

  • Wire ropes, Pulley and fixing arrangement.

  • Generally Gates are lifted and lowered at speed 400-600 mm/min.

Rope Drum Hoist forRadial Gate

    clay brick making machine

When operation of the flood control dam, smooth and rapid flow of fluid at the bottom of gate and lifting of gate leaf itself can be easily achieved by operation of Radial Gate which has been arranged with arms on radial direction. As both side frames are eliminated, no friction loss occur thereon.

As there is no channel shape on the side beam of guide frame, water flows smoothly.     .

Radial Gate provides wire drum type hoist and hydraulic unit as a hoist.




clay brick making machine<>Specially manufactured to lift radial, tainter and bulkhead gates

<>Dual and single drum models available.

<>Designed and manufactured to meet application specifications

<>Features include sealed gearing, marine grade motors and rotary limit switches

<>Proportional variable output transducers ensure accurate gate positioning

<>Gate hoist designs are certified and stamped by professional engineers.

Rope Drum Hoist for Intake Gate


    clay brick making machine


Intake Gates are often used for emergency intake and draft. The need for high speed closing (up to 20mtr/ min)of the gate draws special attention to oil connections and the damping device. To prevent an unacceptable impact of the gate on the concrete the cylinders has to be designed with damping on the piston rod side. The damping should be of a self-adjusting type, setting itself to the actual energy generated with closing the gate.

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